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Simple Video Creation

Here at Calderdale Media Works, we strive to make your business video and static advertising as easy and economical as possible without cutting corners and costs. We are able to do this by producing video and static ads for your needs using the latest and most versatile industry standard video templates which can be used to support any market or niche. This gives you and your business the edge in the local and regional marketplace.

What We Do

Keep It Simple

We create and buy development rights to some of the best video and static advertisement templates in the world and pass the simplicity of customization and price onto you the local business owner. In most scenarios, it is as easy as choosing a template, provide us with your own publicity pictures, videos, and text and we do the rest. You will be helped and advised on all aspects and stages. We can work with you through face to face consultation or online. Its really is so simple.

Six Ways To Enhance Your Video Marketing Strategies.

Many small local and regional businesses are beginning to see the importance of having a solid dynamic video marketing strategy to promote their brand's products and services.

There is a need for the smaller business owner to stay alive and find new and worthwhile methods to compete with the bigger more aggressive competition. They cannot afford to be left behind and dissipate into anonymity.

Here at Calderdale Media Works, we have made the choice for you easier and more focused.  To help speed up your transition into video marketing we have streamlined the type of videos you need to get your message across and appeal to your target audience. This will help in enabling you to make calculated choices in what you need from your videos to laser target your audiences and become a leader in your niche.

How-To Videos

These videos use a step by step informative and educational approach to better engage customers in the use of products and services, ie. How to use an image editor. How to cook with your new slow cooker. How to pack your tent.


Educational Videos

Similar in idea to the how-to videos, these videos educate the potential customer with knowledge concerned with overcoming problems or issues. These can be employed to advise and remedy using methods and skills offered by a program, book audio file or a video series.



Product Presentation Videos

Depending on the niche, these videos can use real people showing the use of a product or service with a running narrative emphasizing the benefits of the product and its outcome. digital products often use a whiteboard or animated videos.


Short Social Media Videos

One of the best ways to drive traffic to a website, short viral videos generate sales. Many small businesses use these type of videos on social media posts such as Facebook and Instagram stories. Facebook Video Headers are another example.


Live Videos
Live videos are becoming more popular owing to the fact that they make the customer feel like a part of the story. Ideal for anyone wanting to engage their audience in their work. ie a garage showing repairs, or a dressmaker sewing and narrating the process.


Explainer Videos

A good explainer video needs to extract the essence of a
concept and compact it nicely into a simple and fun-filled wrapper.
For the best results, keep the videos as brief and as user-friendly as possible.